Top Tips to Getting Higher Points and Resources on Hungry Shark Evolution Game


Given below are some incredible tips and tricks that have been crafted by some seasoned Hungry Shark Evolution game players who have given a lot of time, thought, and effort to the development of Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats And Hack. A few important ones about how to hack resources in Hungry Shark Evolution Game have been given below:

  • When it comes to submarines, there is a best way to deal with them. Submarines are powerful enemies and if you aren’t too careful they can shoot your shark down. The only way to take on them is ramming into their front. Built some momentum, move fast, and take them down.
  • It is a misconception that you cannot do a lot of things without the Megalodon. You can take on jellyfish and also the flak jacket to protect your lower level sharks from mine explosions. If you want to deal with boats without using Megalodon shark, all you have to do is boost up to the ship and eat everything and everyone on it!
  • You require a total of 1000 growth points to get your level up to Reef Shark, 2000 growth points to level up to Mako shark, and 3950 points for Hammerhead Shark, 7350 for Tiger shark, 14500 growth points to get the Great White Shark, and 42550 points to get the almighty mammoth Megalodon shark.

Identify Creature with High Points

Some creatures to be noted for their good points are Gulper fish, Blob fish, and Angler fish. They can be seen all together at the bottom extreme right area of the map. When you activate Gold Rush and have a good number of multipliers, rake to this area to get around 100000 points with each dash.

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